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How To Advertise On DIY Tube Video Community


There are various advertising positions on the DIY Tube Video Community website.


Self Promotion

You can set up your own channel and upload your video advertisements to your channel. Next you can easily promote your video or channel using DIY Tube Coins. DIY Tube Coins are a form of tokens that we use inside DIY Tube. This is something like a token or tickets at a fair or car wash.


1. Sign up and set up your channel. This is your main page and you can customize it to your liking.

2. Next Buy DIY Tube Coins. These will show up in your wallet at the top of the website. You can use paypal, credit or debit card.

3. And finally you can go to your list of videos and select one to promote. Choose how long you want to run the ad, the start time and date and how much you want to pay. Ads are ranked with the highest bidder on top.


Now your video will show up above all the gallery listings on the homepage under the "Promoted Videos" link.


Paid Promotion

You can also purchase the large video space on top. This position has a limited number of slots which rotate out at random when someone visits the homepage.

Paid promotion costs 200 DIYT per week. The value of DIYT Coins vary on the open market but are tied to $0.10 inside DIY Tube Video websites. You may find a better price on the market if you know how to find your way around cryptocurrency coin exchanges.


1. Buy DIY Tube Coins.

2. Send an email with your channel name and a link to the video you want to promote to admin@diytube.video


The appropriate number of DIYT Coins will be deducted from your wallet and your video will start displaying on the top of the homepage within 24 hours.



NOTE: The prices for all forms of advertising will change based on the market value of DIYT Coins and the popularity of DIY Tube.