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Working On Tiny House Rain Water Collection System

Working On Tiny House Rain Water Collection System

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1 year
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I started working on the off grid tiny house rain water collection system. I plan to have a series of water tanks lined up to collect the rain water falling off my tiny house roof.

I first had to test a larger water tank to see if it would hold water. These are the tanks that I got for free last fall. They had failed for use as household water pressure tanks for one reason or another.

Some will hold water and some leak. Many simply have failed air bladders inside but the tanks themselves are still good.

I pulled one up by the tiny house, put a plug in the bottom and put some water inside to see if it will hold water.

Meanwhile I started working on the rain gutter system to bring the rain water over to the storage tanks.

First thing I did was to put in a leaf filter in the rain gutter. This is a package I had received from Frost King last fall for my tiny house construction.

I also analyzed my first flush diversion plans. Many people had commented that I should consider a larger first flush system. This got me researching some more and I found a way to design my system with no moving parts.

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