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Whats Been Going On The Past Few Days

Whats Been Going On The Past Few Days

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1 year
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Melanie and I have been on our honeymoon for the past week. I did not do much video recording during that time but could not resist showing you some of the beauty of the area we were in.

This video is a bit of a summary taken over a period of a week.

We started out at the off grid homestead and traveled to Michigan on our honeymoon. It started out nice and sunny and ended up snowing heavily.

At our small cabin in the woods we almost got snowed in. The car was literally plowing through the snow as I took trips down the dirt lane through the woods to make sure the path was free for us to get out later.

We got between 6 to 9 inches of snow during our stay at the cabin but fortunately it melted a bit during the daytime.

It got really cold during the night but that was fine for a honeymoon.

Melanie loves the snow but after a while she was ready for the sun again.

The cabin is on the electrical power grid but there is no running water and the bathroom is an outhouse out in the yard.

The lake was freezing so I had to break through the ice each time I wanted a bucket of water for inside the cabin.

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