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USB Mosquito Killer & Wireless Remote Power Outlets 4 Our Off Grid Home

USB Mosquito Killer & Wireless Remote Power Outlets 4 Our Off Grid Home

The Do It Yourself World

8 months
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We got some cool gadgets for our off grid tiny house. There is a USB mosquito killer and a set of four remote control power outlets.

The mosquito killer is very cool because it can be powered up by any 5 volt USB outlet. Since we are off the grid, we have outlets all over the place. We can run this in the car, camper, tent or our tiny house. I can use it in my off grid electronics shop too where the mosquitoes like to lurk and wait for me.

I have a feeling this is going to get a lot of use around here. It has a small ultraviolet colored light which attracts the mosquitoes and then a fan sucks them into a trap. The forced air dries them out and kills them.

We got four remote control power outlets which are great for our tiny home. Even though we are off the grid, we still have two floors and use electricity, although from solar power. It will be nice to be able to turn on or off lamps while moving from upstairs to down. This will make it safer to get around in the night.

With two remotes we can keep one upstairs and one down.

One outlet will go in each room. This will allow us to turn off a lamp in bed for example without reaching over to the other side of the room.

I can also shut off the power to my office computer and monitor at night after a movie or a day of work in order to save energy from our solar power battery bank.

I will have a full review coming soon so stay tuned.

You can get the products here:


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