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Trying To Locate Source Of Leaking Roof & Need Advice

Trying To Locate Source Of Leaking Roof & Need Advice

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11 months
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The roof on our new homestead home is leaking somewhere on the west side of the house. We are trying to find the cause of the leak.

It rained very hard last night and the water soaked a spot of the bathroom ceiling and ran down the bathroom window inside and out.

Water was pooled inside the kitchen cabinets as well and a bit ran down under the sink. But I could not find any leaks up above the cabinets.

Outside it appears that the rain is coming down the side of the roof and then running down the walls inside the house.

The shingles end abruptly at the end of the roof and there is no real overhand. The trim slopes down and inward to the siding.

Water is dripping out of the soffit as well.

I am not sure if a bit of a drip edge and rain gutters would stop our problem or if we need a new roof.

It only seems to leak occasionally and during really hard storms.

We are seeking advice to help us fix this in the most affordable way possible.


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