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The Off Grid Project Cutting Fire Wood & Lumber Mill Work

The Off Grid Project Cutting Fire Wood & Lumber Mill Work

The Do It Yourself World

10 months
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Cutting fire wood to heat our tiny home and processing lumber on the chainsaw mill. Melanie is painting and using our own home grown foods.

I have a friend over helping out and we are cutting trees to use for fire wood in our off grid tiny house this winter. Any wood that is worth keeping goes over to the lumber mill where I will process it into boards for later use in crafts and projects.

All other wood gets cut into logs and gets stacked on the fire wood pile. I hope to have two cords of pine fire wood along with two cords of hard wood and another two cords of mixed hard and soft wood.

Melanie harvested a bunch of food from our garden. She is drying the herbs for later use in the tiny house this winter. And we are eating more vegetables from our own garden all the time now.

Melanie is also painting the tiny house kitchen herself. She wants to do this all on her own so I got her the materials and paint and left her to it. This will brighten up the kitchen a lot. The cabinets were a dark brown and she is painting them an off white.

I processed a small log on the lumber mill to see how it performs since I sharpened the chain a while back. It cut like butter. I am very pleased with this stationary chainsaw mill. I got a few boards out of this log but the wood is not high quality. I figure I can use it for crafts or wall hangings. I will let it cure and see how it looks.

We have some larger logs still waiting to be processed so we will see how it turns out later. I also have a few trees to cut into logs for fire wood and some more yet to haul out.

I hauled out two wheel barrow loads of logs from a single small tree. This equals four days of heating our tiny house this winter. I saved the bark that fell off too and put it into a pile. This will be processed into mulch for our garden pathways.

Back inside the home Melanie had prepared dinner using all ingredients from our own homestead. The chicken we raised and processed ourselves along with the vegetables from our own garden.

We are well on our way to becoming self sufficient.

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