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SunJack Waterproof LED Light Stick I Have Been Using Daily

SunJack Waterproof LED Light Stick I Have Been Using Daily

The Do It Yourself World

11 months
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As promised, here is the full review of the SunJack waterproof LED light stick that I have been using all summer. In short - This thing is amazing.

The waterproof LED light stick from SunJack has a built in 5200 mAh battery pack. It also has a USB charging port and a USB output so you can use this to charge up other devices. This makes it dual purpose and very convenient to carry around.

I have always kept this LED light stick charged using the SunJack folding solar panel. I have not once plugged it into my tiny house power to charge. It just would not feel right. I am using the sun to charge it by day to provide light for me in the tiny house by night.

The LED light stick lasts for many nights on medium setting, which is the setting I use the most in my tiny home.

There are four settings on the waterproof LED light stick. Low, Medium, High and Flashing.

I prefer the low or medium setting most of the time. I use the high setting when I am recording video in my tiny house and need a lot of light.

The low setting is very good for watching a video on my laptop or for relaxing in the evening.

The medium setting puts out a lot of light and lights up my tiny house living room nicely.

The high setting is powerful and amazing. This light is very bright on high. The camera cannot do it justice but trust me when I say it is super bright.

Since this is waterproof it is also good to take out on hikes or camping. It can handle the elements with no problem.

I would highly recommend this to a friend. With the built in battery and USB output it is a good thing to keep with you at all times. It is a perfect light for your bug out bag or for emergency lighting in your home in case of a power failure. It is so bright that it can easily light up a small room like day.

Paired with the SunJack folding solar panel you would never be left in the dark again.

Find all SunJack products here: http://amzn.to/2pmPfKL

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