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Putting Heat Shielding On My Tiny House Wood Stove O20

Putting Heat Shielding On My Tiny House Wood Stove O20

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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John came over and helped me get the heat shielding on the tiny home wood stove and cut back some of the wood by the insulation box on the ceiling.

I was worried about the OSB which was too close to the ceiling insulation box. This could eventually dry out and ignite wood with time due to the high temperatures from the wood stove exhaust.

John cut away the OSB while I worked on making a DIY heat shield for the wood stove pipe.

The stove pipe is 6 inches in diameter and I got two sections of 8 inch diameter pipe to use as a heat shield.

I cut these two pipes in half length wise and then bolted them all together. I had four sections in all when I was done cutting.

When they were bolted together I had a long heat shield for my stove pipe.

I used some plumbers strapping to secure the heat shield to the stove pipe and hold it away about an inch from the stove pipe.

This gives me a nice heat shield to protect the tiny house walls from the heat of the stove pipe.

It took us the entire morning and into the afternoon to get this far.

Part two is coming soon...

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