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Off Grid Homestead Using Solar Power And Local Grid Power Outage

Off Grid Homestead Using Solar Power And Local Grid Power Outage

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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It was a sunny day and we had power to burn from our off grid solar panels. So we did just that. When the sun shines we have more energy than we can use so we charge up all our devices.

I have eight 225 AH golf cart batteries connected into pairs to give me four sets of 12 volt batteries at 225 AH for a total of 900 AH of battery capacity.

This is not really that much power when you have 1,870 watts of power coming in from the solar panels. And I dont have all our panels connected yet.

So when the sun shines we load up. We had all our devices and battery packs charging up during the day. Our modem is also connected to the battery bank power inverter full time.

And my entire bedroom office is fully run off the grid using the battery bank. During the day I can use all the power I want but at night I use it sparingly. I can run the laptop and a monitor all evening though every night while I work. But for lights we use portable LED lighting.

During the day it was very windy and it eventually knocked out our power. I was so happy though that I had internet even though the grid power was out. But that happiness was short lived when the internet too failed. They must be on the same lines that lost power and they dont have backup power.

My only concern with a power outage at night is that we cannot run the well pump. I dont dare run the well on battery backup or we will not have enough power for our fridge or other devices. It just pulls too much power.

During the day is a different story because the sun can recharge the batteries as needed.

This was a true test of our off grid power with no grid backup to count on in case of emergency.

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