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My Large Multi Coil Bedini Motor Overview

My Large Multi Coil Bedini Motor Overview

Do It Yourself Electronics

1 year
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People have been asking me to show my large Bedini motor so here it is. Soon I will be building a Bedini motor on video for you all to see.

I started building this machine about ten years ago. It was going to be large enough to power an entire home.

This is not a generator. This is not a perpetual motion device. This converts energy from one form to another. It does not defy any laws of science.

This machine had three large coils at one time. Each coil was trifilar wound with twisted wires all the way through. By twisting the wires you increase the efficiency of the coil.

Each coil has one trigger wire and two power coils. This gives me a total of 4 power coils on the machine right now. I only had three of these operating.

The fourth coil I used for experiments as an extra generator wire.

I was charging up old 200 Ah truck starting batteries with this big machine back in the day. It gave off some serious power. I have been zapped with this before and it sure did hurt.

The wheel is a bike wheel with 18 Radio Shack ceramic magnets placed evenly around it.

I was going to make this with 8 triple wire coils but I ran out of money. The copper wire got to be expensive. This was always the limiting factor in my experiments. The wire.

I used aluminum angle iron for bus bars. This gives it a nice appearance and keeps things neat.

There was plenty of room for expansion on this.

The output wires were 8 gauge in order to charge up the larger batteries I had connected to it.

I plan to fix this old machine up and bring it back into service one day soon. I also hope to continue to add wires to it until I get it to the size I had originally planned.

I will do this on video of course so stay tuned.

And again, I will be building a Bedini motor from scratch right here on video when YouTube monetizes this channel. I am hoping this video you are now watching is the last one before my channel is monetized.


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