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Homestead Updates ~ Near Death ~ Prepping For Blizzard In April

Homestead Updates ~ Near Death ~ Prepping For Blizzard In April

The Do It Yourself World

10 months
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Some updates from the nearly off grid homestead plus a close call in the car and preparing for a blizzard.

It has been a while since I uploaded much on YouTube. I am working full time outside YT now since it no longer pays the bills. Therefore I dont have as much time for videos anymore sadly.

I do plan to keep going as often as I can. Melanie is going to start making some videos for the main channel from now on as well.

We got our car fixed Tuesday a week ago. The hub assembly was bad and had to be replaced. It took us two months to save up for it but we got it fixed.

But something did not feel right when we got it back from the mechanic. I thought maybe the wheel lost a weight. I was very slight so I could not identify it.

But when we drove down to visit my parents for the weekend, the problem was just a bit more noticeable. But not enough to throw off alarms.

When we got off the highway though the right front wheel started to wobble very badly. We managed to get the car to my parents place and then got it into a garage to have a look. The right front wheel was able to be wobbled with your hands it was so bad. The tie rod was shot so bad you could hear metal clanging when you kicked the tire.

It is a miracle we made it off the highway when we did. Two of us spent Easter Sunday getting the car back in shape. We found an auto shop open on Easter and they had the part in stock.

All is well now with the car.

The meat chickens are doing well. They are halfway grown now. It should be another 4 weeks before they are ready to be processed.

We have a major snow storm warning with up to 14 inches of snow on the way so I spent the day cutting fire wood. It does not look like much but if you ever cut up Jack Pines then you know how much work one single tree is to clean up. There are so many little branches in all directions.

I cut about 8 trees I guess and then logged them all out. Melanie helped me get the logs out to the road side. The trees were all through inside our second property so it was a job to get the wood out by the road. I could not have done it all alone in the time we had.

Then I spent quite a while hauling six wheel barrow loads of wood down the road and over to our main property. Melanie stacked the logs when I delivered a load. I figure we got about 6 to 8 days worth of fire wood set aside in case it snows like they are predicting.

In the morning there was just half an inch of snow but that was to be expected. The real snow was still to come.

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