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Homestead Security ~ Gardening ~ Shed Construction

Homestead Security ~ Gardening ~ Shed Construction Public

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10 months
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We had some helpers out here the other day. The home security system was professionally installed. Lots of gardening work got done. And we started insulating the battery and water shed.

A professional security installer friend of mine came over and set up the video surveillance system properly for me. He programmed the recorder and adjusted the cameras for the best angles. This is his day job so I trusted him to do it better than I could myself.

A friend joined Melanie in the garden and they pulled out all the grass and weeds. These were too tall and too large for the garden tiller to work under so they had to be removed.

Chris and I worked on the off grid battery storage and water shed. This shed holds our solar battery bank and rain water supply. In winter this will be heated and will protect our batteries and water from cold weather.

We wanted to get the corner done at the very least and get the large 275 gallon water tank installed before the rain came. It was supposed to rain and we desperately need the water.

Chris was earlier working on the Survival Bug Out Jeep which I will use for off road survival and camping trips. This will be decked out like a camper on wheels and will contain all we need for long term survival if we ever need to bug out.

Many people do not believe in the need for bug out preparations until it is too late. Hurricane, fire, flood and many other natural disasters cause many people to leave their homes in a hurry each year but still people mock preppers.

Chris and I managed to get the corner of the shed done and the water tank installed before dark. I got the rain gutters from the off grid tiny house on wheels and the solar battery shed connected to the water tank to collect water when it rains.

I used my roofing nailer for the first time ever. I got three air nailers last year plus nails for less than the price of one used. This was such a great deal. These tools are really making my life better and make projects go so much faster.

I had also finished the outer walls of the shed and put in extra supports for the roofing which were needed. Then Chris and I put on some tar paper to cover any gaps and protect the insulation. Last I put on the trim on the side of the roofing to protect the edges of the walls.

In all it was a great day with a lot accomplished.

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