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Homestead Life Lumber Mill And Engine Work And Solar Power

Homestead Life Lumber Mill And Engine Work And Solar Power

The Do It Yourself World

7 months
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Life on the off grid homestead. We are using solar power heavily now that we have nearly 2,000 watts of solar panels set up. I got my lumber mill going and made my first boards ever. And I got my old motor scooter running again.

We use a smaller 5,000 btu 500 watt air conditioner during the hot, sunny days in the 90s. It has also been humid for weeks now, which makes the heat feel worse. The little AC unit can run on our solar panels for free while the sun is shining with no problem so we do not feel guilty when we run it during the day. We can get a break from the heat in the bedroom as needed. At night it gets shut off and we generally open the windows if it is going to be cooler outside.

I have my LED TV and laptop running at any time of day or night on the solar power because they do not use much power at all. I dont even worry about using them anymore.

I got a link for the chainsaw mill chain and put it together. Then I got it on the mill and worked the chain for a while with some oil on it. Then I fired up the chainsaw and ran it with no load for a while to be sure it would free up and run smoothly.

I got an 18 inch long log out of the wood pile and secured it to the chainsaw mill rails. I made the first cut to take off the bark from the top of the log. Then I made another cut about an inch thick to get my first board ever on my own lumber mill. And for the next cut I went to about 1.5 inches thick and cut myself a piece of wood to make a footstool with.

The first board I will use to make a wall plaque as a memory of my first board ever. Even the bark side will be used to make a frog because there are two eyes on it.

I will sharpen the chain next before I run it again. Eventually I want to get a larger chainsaw to run this faster and smoother.

I got out my old motor scooter and got it running. It has not bee touched in 4 years. I got it in NY and had it registered in 2014 but it kept hydrolocking when going down a hill. I could not get it out of the property because there was a hill there. So I left it in storage all this time.

I removed the old gas and put in new fuel with some 2 cycle oil to lube the top end after all this time of not running. Then I bypassed the diaphragm fuel pump because it was not working. I ran the gas line straight through a filter to the carb. This seems to work well enough.

The carburetor looked clean inside so I left that alone. I also had to lube up the gas cap locking mechanism, seat lock, breaks and anything else that moved due to sitting so long.

The machine fired right up though with the fresh gas and I ran it for a while to be sure it would run well.

The only problem is a bit of knocking in the bottom of the engine. I think something spun the last time the engine seized up on me because I heard a squealing noise. I never touched the bike again though since that day until now.

It may either be a spun bearing or a rod. I am not sure. I am going to see what it takes to get parts for this machine before I really decide which way to go.

I got it registered already. It only costs $15 for three years in Michigan and this was getting 90 mpg when I used it in NY. So I figure it is way better for short trips to town and back rather than using the car.


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