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Homestead Life Heat Wave But Getting Things Done

Homestead Life Heat Wave But Getting Things Done

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8 months
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We have been in the middle of a bad heat wave on our homestead but we are trying to get work done anyway.

We get up quite early in the morning hours to get our gardening work done before it gets too hot. It has been in the mid to high 90s every day for the past 10 days now.

Melanie built a nice wood crate using the framing of my cryptocurrency mining shelves.

I am putting a thick layer of compost and mulch around our fruit trees and our berries to keep them alive and fertilize them.

Since we had no rain in a long time the earth is dry as dust. Down 2 feet there is nothing but dust. I have not dug any deeper but I do not expect to find any moisture down there since its all sand.

The sun is baking down and killing our lawn and plants.

Our greenhouse on the other hand is beautiful and lush. I plan to make a huge underground greenhouse for next year and possibly abandon most of the above ground gardens. It is easier to maintain the climate in a greenhouse than it is to maintain huge gardens.


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