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Homestead Life Greenhouse Work Engine Work And Security Systems

Homestead Life Greenhouse Work Engine Work And Security Systems

The Do It Yourself World

7 months
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Planting seedlings in the greenhouse, small engine work and fixing security cameras for our off grid homestead.

I had some seeds sprouting in starter trays in our off grid tiny house for a few days now. Some are ready to plant today so I took them into the greenhouse and planted them in flats where they will stay. There were some radishes, turnips, beets, rutabaga and some beans.

After that I worked on my security and game cameras which were not working all this time. I finally sat down in the off grid electronics lab and got them going. One of the cameras I set up to use an external battery by soldering in some wires. This will extend the camera life in between battery charges.

I worked on the old gokart a bit as well today. I want to teach Melanie how to drive a car and get her drivers license this year. I figure that a gokart is a good learning tool to teach hand/eye coordination and how to use the brake and gas pedals.

The carburetor needed some cleaning but I think the diaphragm is shot and has to be replaced because the engine is not pulling fuel from the gas tank. It will burn and run when I pour gas into the carb directly though.

I also need to get some inner tubes for the tires since some are flat.

Later in our off grid tiny home Melanie had some amazing dinner prepared using some of our own garden harvest and fish that we caught ourselves. Our dinner had kale, swiss chard and peas from our own garden.


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