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Homestead Life Greenhouse Work And Improvements

Homestead Life Greenhouse Work And Improvements

The Do It Yourself World

9 months
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It was a full and busy day in the off grid greenhouse Thursday as I worked to improve things inside the entire day.

I am able to comfortably weed the greenhouse now that I have the walkways set up. Before it was quite awkward because I had to balance on the 1.5 inch wide dividers in between the grow beds.

I removed some peppermint plants that were growing out of their boundaries. As plants grow out of control, I will remove some and transplant them around the property. Peppermint deters many pests and we love the plants.

I built a deck inside the greenhouse using reclaimed 2 x 6 lumber from a house remodeling job. Now I have a nice 4 x 4 foot square deck which is big enough for a chair and small table. I love to sit out here and relax sometimes. It is so peaceful in the greenhouse for some reason. I just cant explain it but I love to sit there and look things over.

Our plants are growing very well in the greenhouse. I showed the pots that they originally came in compared to the size of the plants in a single year. They are huge now. By next year the greenhouse will be nicely filled out.

After building a deck I took a break for a coffee chat. It feels good to sit and enjoy my new deck.

I planted some popcorn in the greenhouse. This is normal popcorn we bought from the store. You can grow it just like normal corn. I put it in a couple empty grow beds. When the time comes I will have to be sure it is properly pollinated.

Next I spread wood shavings all over the entire greenhouse floor. This will reduce moisture loss while reducing ground and air temperature in the greenhouse. It also makes the entire place brighter which will improve growth in the greenhouse. And it looks good too.

I finished cleaning off a window which I got for free for the greenhouse. I had two of these and one is already installed. This was took about a half hour to an hour to clean off though.

I put in a header for the window and then mounted it in place. It is like these windows were made for the greenhouse because they fit in the framing perfectly. It really looks good now. I want to replace all the plastic with glass eventually.

Later I trimmed off all the excess plastic from when I mounted it on the outside of the greenhouse. Now the place is really looking good.


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