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Homestead Life ~ Fishing For Food ~ Improving Solar Power & More

Homestead Life ~ Fishing For Food ~ Improving Solar Power & More

The Do It Yourself World

11 months
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Melanie and I went to the lake fishing the other day and took a nice picnic lunch with us. The meal was actually a survival food pack we got on sale during the weekend. We bought a bunch of these since they are just natural food. I will do a full video on my tactical channel on these later.

After lunch we went fishing. Melanie and Michelle fished from the dock while I went out in the boat. We got a nice mess of fish to put in the freezer. Part of becoming self sufficient is to harvest or grow as much of our own food as we can.

I finished cutting the lawn with the self propelled push mower. It was exhausting though due to my leg having been injured and this was my first major exercise since then but I got it done.

I hitched a ride into town to get treated lumber for the second solar panel rack on the tiny house. I used a gift card that a person had send me along with gift cards for everyone else at the time. Thank you very much for that.

We will have two matching adjustable solar panel racks in front of the off grid tiny house. Right now our fridge and freezer are burning up most of the power we can produce so we need more solar panels. I will bring over the panels that are connected to the off grid electronics lab and wood shop. My smaller panels will then go out there.

We will soon have 2,000 watts of solar power on the off grid tiny house.

In order to further save energy we bought a chest freezer at a garage sale during the holiday weekend. This will be converted into a fridge using a special thermostat control. This will allow us to save even more energy. Our current fridge in the tiny house is a power hungry beast so it has to go.

The freezer conversion will be fully recorded on a separate video and explained in detail.

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