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Homestead Life Cutting Fire Wood & Aquaponics Work

Homestead Life Cutting Fire Wood & Aquaponics Work

The Do It Yourself World

9 months
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I am cutting fire wood to heat our tiny home and working on the greenhouse and off grid aquaponics system.

I have about 2.5 cords of six foot long logs out back in a pile that I brought home last fall. I am cutting this pile up this week. Then I am hauling it over with a wheelbarrow to the front of the house where I am splitting and then stacking it to cure for this winter.

We heat our off grid tiny house with a wood stove so we need to get a lot more wood put in for the winter. Last year we used up everything we had and I was out in the forest cutting wood every day. We were new here and not prepared for the winter.

I have the off grid solar powered aquaponics system nearly completed now. All I need to do is wait a few days and then put in plants. I have finished filling up the grow bed with pea gravel that I sifted out of our own sandy soil. And I have bait minnows in the aquarium already. The system has only one moving part and that is the water pump impeller so it should last a very long time.

I have added more herbs to the off grid greenhouse and some vegetables as well. Things are really growing well in there now.


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