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Homestead Cooking On Wood Stove Tilapia Fries & Cheesy Toast

Homestead Cooking On Wood Stove Tilapia Fries & Cheesy Toast

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1 year
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I baked an entire meal on the top of my off grid tiny house wood stove. I simply baked fish, fried and cheesy bread right on top of the wood stove using a flat baking pan.

This was an experiment to see how well it would work. I have not tried this before but I have been experimenting with baking on the wood stove recently.

I just made chili fries on the wood stove a week ago and it turned out very well.

Today I put some fries on top of the tiny house wood stove and cooked them nearly though.

I had to fire up the wood stove a bit hotter than normal in order to cook the fries. My off grid tiny house does not require much heat so I generally keep the stove burning relatively cool.

When the fries were mostly done I moved them over to one side and added the Tilapia fillet. This started cooking nicely.

I added some butter on the pan around the fish instead of oil and for flavor.

After I flipped it over I added some seasoning salts for flavor and let that cook in.

When the fish was done, I made space for some bread. I cut off a bit of a long loaf of bread and split that in half. I put butter on one side of the bread and put it on the pan butter down to toast a bit.

I then cut some swiss cheese while the bread was toasting. When the bread was turning a golden brown, I flipped it over to toast the other side and put the cheese on to melt on.

Soon I had an awesome meal ready to go.

It feels so good to cook wholesome meals on the wood stove of my off grid tiny house on wheels.

And it tasted awesome!!!

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