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Gutted A Pop Up Camper For Survival Camper Jeep Parts

Gutted A Pop Up Camper For Survival Camper Jeep Parts

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11 months
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Our fishing trip was not so hot because the weather was. I helped gut out a popup camper and got some nice parts for the camping Jeep. We plan to move the truck camper onto a trailer soon.

Melanie and I went fishing with a friend but sadly it was just way too hot to go out on the water. It was 95 degrees out and very humid. The night was so humid and hot that nobody got any sleep. It was 80 degrees F at 12 am.

The next morning when the sum came out it was scorching. And the pond stank and was covered in algae. Last week it was fine but this week the same pond was disgusting.

So we headed back to the homestead. After we got home, I helped gut out a small popup camper in exchange for some of the parts inside it.

I always wanted to put a bed inside the back of the survival Jeep and have a pull out kitchen like you see in the Australian campers. They have some pretty cool trailers over there. During my visit I was very impressed with them and got a vision to build my own fully loaded camper Jeep.

So I got the stove and sink from the little popup camper. The stove is a propane 2 burner stove which looks like it has never been used.

The sink looks just as new and has a hand pump water faucet. When you pump on the handle, the water is drawn up from the tank below.

I plan to have a pull out drawer under the bed in the survival Jeep with a fully loaded kitchen. Everything will fold out and down after sliding out the drawer, giving you a complete and fully functional kitchen.

Just connect a propane tank, fresh water and a bucket for gray water and you are ready to go.

I also got the cushions from the folding table in the dining room. These cushions are used as benches by day and a bed by night. Perfect for the camper Jeep.

Later, after it cooled down a bit and I was refreshed from my day of work, Chris and I pulled out the horse trailer and moved it over to the truck camper.

Melanie and I will empty the truck camper into the horse trailer so that we can slide the truck camper onto a flat trailer and move it out of the way.

We want to have nothing out in front of the off grid tiny house on wheels but the garden and flower beds.

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