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Framing In The Tiny House Bathroom Sink

Framing In The Tiny House Bathroom Sink

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I started working on the tiny house bathroom next. I first had to finish up the shower stall. It was cold when I assembled the shower and I never put in the caulk or the foam sealant below due to the necessity of waiting for warm weather for this to set. There was cold air flowing up through the drain and under the shower stall, making caulking and foam sealing not possible at that time.

So I removed the shower stall and base. Then I made a wrench out of OSB scrap to tighten the shower drain gasket. Another reason this was not possible in winter is because everything was under snow and ice and I had no access to any of my wood.

I tightened the drain gasket with my homemade wrench, which worked nicely.

Then I put the shower base back in place and caulked around the bottom.

Next I installed and fastened the shower stall walls in place and ran another bead of caulk around the bottom to make sure no water splashes out.

The next job was to frame in the bathroom sink. This will secure the shower and strengthen it nicely so that it stays in place and is no longer wobbly.

I am using mostly all recycled materials in building my tiny house on wheels.

Some of you may remember that in the summer I got a nice looking bathroom sink with a porcelain and brass faucet. But it was 30 inches wide and way too big for my tiny house bathroom.

So I cut it down to 21 3/4 inches wide so it fit perfectly in the space between my tiny home shower stall and the wall of the bathroom.

When I dropped it into place it felt really good. Things are coming together in my tiny house on wheels.

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