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Framing In Aquaponics Tank & Filling Up With Water

Framing In Aquaponics Tank & Filling Up With Water Public

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10 months
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I need a thermal mass for the off grid greenhouse this winter so I am framing in a 275 gallon IBC tote to use in aquaponics. The water in this tank will help keep the greenhouse temperatures from falling below freezing.

I put down a pallet and leveled it off nicely all the way around. Next I brought in a IBC tote which will hold the water in my greenhouse.

To help prevent freezing in a winter greenhouse you need a thermal mass. Something that will retain heat and resist temperature changes overnight.

I framed in the tank on the pallet using all recycled and free 2x6 lumber that I had left over from building the greenhouse itself.

I built the framing in two pieces and built it strong and sturdy.

The pallet which sits on top, over the tank, will hold two 25 gallon grow beds for lettuce and plants that dont like direct sunlight all day.

Once I got the tank framed in, Chris brought me a half tank full of creek water on the bed of my truck. We then pumped the water into the tank in my off grid greenhouse.

I had cut the opening in top of the tank to allow me to feed and harvest fish in the aquaponics system we will build this winter.

I will be experimenting with Tilapia after I stabilize the temperatures in the greenhouse this winter.

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