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Cutting Fire Wood For The Off Grid Homestead This Winter

Cutting Fire Wood For The Off Grid Homestead This Winter Public

The Do It Yourself World

10 months
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Chris and I are still cutting fire wood for the off grid tiny house on wheels for this winter. We are clearing trees to expand the meadow and increase sunlight on our solar panels.

At the same time this will give us more space for the chickens and goats to free range in the side yard.

Plus we are cutting the trees into fire wood and splitting the wood to prepare for the cold winters we get out here.

The Husqvarna chainsaw is very good and helps a lot. It makes a world of difference for us here. Especially for myself, the operator.

The cheaper chainsaws vibrate your body badly and that hurts and cuts off circulation in the arms. It causes arm, neck and back pain as well.

With the Husqvarna chainsaw I do not have this problem. This saw is very comfortable to use and is easy to handle. It does not wear me out even though it has a much larger engine than the others I have used.

We hope to have the area cleared out soon and start building the chicken run.

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