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Converting My Modem To 12 Volts DC For Off Grid Solar Power

Converting My Modem To 12 Volts DC For Off Grid Solar Power

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Since my tiny house on wheels is powered by solar power I have been wanting to convert my modem to 12 volts DC and run it directly off the battery bank instead of from the inverter.

The modem came with a 120 volt AC to 12 volt DC power adapter out of the box. This is so that normal homes can run the modem off grid power. But this means that to run my modem I had to have my inverter turned on. My power inverter has losses and then the modem AC power supply has losses. This was very wasteful use of my solar energy.

But I could not find a plug that would fit my modem so I could convert it to DC power directly. I looked all over for months now but could not find a plug to fit the modem.

So I finally decided to just cut the wire off the power supply that came with the modem and connect a 12 volt cigarette lighter plug onto the wire.

I recorded the job so that you can learn from it and do the same if you want.

Now I do not need the inverter just to run the modem all the time. It will save me a lot of power each day.

The modem uses about 1 amp at 12 volts DC so this is about 12 watts of power used when it is directly plugged into the solar battery bank.

Follow my daily progress on the path to self sufficiency on my off grid solar homestead.

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