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Cleaning Tiny House Rain Gutters & Moving 275 Gallon Tank

Cleaning Tiny House Rain Gutters & Moving 275 Gallon Tank

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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John and I cleaned out the tiny house rain gutters and moved the 275 gallon water tank into the new off grid storage shed so it can collect rain water.

John helped me clean the leaves out of the rain gutter and then I started to install the flashing on the tiny house roof. The flashing will stop any water from getting between the rain gutter and the eaves.

I started to install Frost King leaf guards as well. But it started getting dark out and we had to call it a night.

While I was up on the ladder, John opened the valve on the 275 gallon rain water storage tank to let all the water out so we could move it.

We moved the solar panels out from in front of the tiny house on wheels so that we could get through with the water storage tank. We also angled them better into the South facing direction in hopes of catching more sunlight during the shorter winter days.

We used a 2 wheel hand cart to move the large IBC tote into the new off grid storage shed. Then we moved it into its place in the corner of the new shed.

I will be putting down gravel and then a pallet under the tote before it is ready to use though.

And I have to insulate the walls and finish the paneling inside before the tank can go into place permanently.

By this time it was quite dark and time to call it a night.

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