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Cleaning And Removing Nails From Pallet Wood Easily For My Tiny Home

Cleaning And Removing Nails From Pallet Wood Easily For My Tiny Home

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1 year
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Friday night I went to town and picked up a load of free pallet wood. This is beautiful wood with different colors and wood grain running through it. This wood will be the paneling for my tiny house.

Saturday morning I had to empty the truck right away so I could pick up a wagon for the off grid homestead. I was out at a garage sale right down the road and found this awesome cart for only $5. This cart has big tires and a lot of ground clearance. It is perfect for the off grid homestead and for running through the woods getting fire wood.

When I got it home I started to use it right away. I cleaned up the pallet wood that I had just brought home. The broken pieces or useless parts were cut up small and tossed into my new cart to be used as kindling for my tiny house this winter.

The nicer boards will be paneling inside my tiny home on wheels. This wood is nicer looking than anything you can find in the store due to the colors running through it.

I broke up the pallet wood using a block of wood and a big hammer to take apart the pallets without damaging the boards.

These boards are full of nails and staples. I show a way to get the nails and staples out of the wood easily. If you are dealing with thin nails or staples then often they are hard to drive out of the wood. They bend more often than not and do not drive through.

If you use a pair of pliers to hold the end of the staple straight and hit it lightly with a hammer, then the staple or thin nail drives right out without bending. The pliers hold the staple straight while you pound on it, making your job easier.

In a few hours time I cleaned up enough pallet wood to panel about a 4 foot by 8 foot wall in my tiny house on wheels. This was a slower process due to all the staples in the wood. If it had only been nails then the process would have been much faster.

I figure you could get enough pallet wood cleaned up in a day to panel an entire wall or floor of a tiny house.

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