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Building My Pallet Wood A Frame Chicken Tractor

Building My Pallet Wood A Frame Chicken Tractor

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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It was another warm day and I worked on the A frame tiny chicken house on wheels. was mostly working on the siding on the house part of the mobile chicken tractor.

I am using free pallet wood to build this chicken tractor. The only problem is that I am using the pallets that I rejected for use in my own tiny house construction. These pallets are far from perfect and have many broken or cracked boards and other flaws. This meant that it took me a long time and about 12 pallets before I had enough good boards for the chicken tractor siding.

I am using an overlapped pattern where each board goes on horizontally and overlaps the board under it to provide better rain runoff.

In the future though I think I will lay the boards flat on my next build because with the tar paper water leaking into the chicken coop will not be a problem.

I got the entire top of the pallet wood chicken coop done but for the part where the door will go.

I cut the tar paper open for the door but this is where I stopped for the night. The mosquitoes were getting pretty bad and I had to think about the door for a while.

Since I am making this pallet wood chicken house on wheels as I go along it is taking me some time. The wood that I can dig up dictates how the build is going. I have a rough plan in my head but otherwise I let the wood lead me as I build.

So I have to think about the door for the tiny chicken house on wheels overnight.

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