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Bottle Window garden, my first DIY edition - 067

Bottle Window garden, my first DIY edition - 067 Public

My PlayHouse

8 months
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Bottle window gardens are mostly for people who do not have access to a garden, such as people living in an apartment in a big city.
I have seen videos on Youtube about these, for the first time about a year ago. and would like to build one, most for the project in it.
I've talked with my friend from New York about it, and she would also like to try to build them.
So related to her to come to Denmark, I ordered a month before small water pumps from www.aliexpress.com.

I Got these :

The pumps arrived a few days after she landed.
My PlayHouse is a channel where i will show, what i am working on. I have this house, it is 168 Square Meters / 1808.3ft² and it is full, of half-finished projects.

I love working with heating, insulation, green power, alternative energy, solar, wind and more. It all costs, but I'm trying to get the most out of my money, and my time.


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