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Awesome Solar Power & Making AC DC Power Box

Awesome Solar Power & Making AC DC Power Box Public

The Do It Yourself World

10 months
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The sun was shining and I am making a power outlet box for my solar generator which will power our tiny home.

It was beautiful outside with the sun shining brightly on the snow. And little snow flakes were slowly falling down from the sky. They looked like diamonds falling.

The solar generator battery box was fully charged up so I want to start using some DC power now. This will save energy because we will not have to convert from DC to AC and back to DC for smaller devices.

Because it is so cold out I cannot run my large power tools in the wood shop. The start up of the motors pulls too much and blows the inverter.

So I tried working with the Ryobi cordless power tools. After about an hour and a half all I had was four pieces of wood cut. They were rough at that.

The tools are just too cold to operate at all.

So I brought everything inside to warm up.

I am still backing up all my videos. I currently have about 600 videos on my backup hard drive now.

Finally I got the tools warmed up enough to work.

I also put screws in the stairs of our tiny home to keep the nails from pulling out. The boards were separating with use. It should be better now.

I built a small 8 inch cube box to hold the AC and DC power outlets from my solar generator box.

I mounted two cigarette lighter sockets with double USB ports on the outside of the box. I drilled holes and ran the wires to the inside of the box.

The red positive wires run back out to a fuse block. This will allow me room to expand and also monitor the fuses as needed.

I cut a piece of 2x4 to hold an electrical socket.

But when trying to cut some more boards out in the wood shop, it was getting too dark and cold again. The tools get sluggish too fast.

So I then finished building my Bedini motor. I have been making a how to video series on building your own Bedini motor. I got it finished and working tonight.

You can find the Bedini motor series on my electronics channel:

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