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A Locking Door And Starting Tar Paper On My Tiny House S6

A Locking Door And Starting Tar Paper On My Tiny House S6

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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Thursday afternoon John installed a door latch and lock in my tiny house door and we started to put tar paper on my tiny house on wheels.

I picked up a nice brass door handle for my free tiny house door. The fancy handle was cheap and matches the decor I already have for my tiny house.

John installed the door handle while I was taping up the seams on the tiny home sheathing.

John surprised me by calling me over and handing me the keys to my tiny house on wheels. It was a very good feeling to have a perfectly working door which locks. This was a great moment for the tiny house build.

I experimented with planing some wood while John was working on the last few nails in the sheathing. I have some pallet wood which will be used as paneling inside my tiny house. I ran a few of them through the planer to get an idea how they will look and how much work it is to get a piece of wood planed down and clean.

It is a lot of work for each piece of wood so I decided that I will only plane the pallet wood on one side for my interior paneling. But for the outside I have decided to only use the pallet wood as-is and choose the cleanest side of each piece.

In the evening John and I started to attach the tar paper to my tiny house on wheels. It is coming along fast now. I will be using my new home in no time.

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