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275 Gallon IBC Tote Rain Water Tank For The Off Grid Homestead

275 Gallon IBC Tote Rain Water Tank For The Off Grid Homestead

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11 months
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I picked up a new 275 gallon IBC tote which I will use as a rain water collector for my off grid tiny house on wheels.

I closed the deal on the bulk purchase of 50 IBC water tanks today. I paid for them and got a receipt for my purchase. Ironically due to so much rain we have been getting, I could not get the delivery this week. The ground is way too muddy for a truck to come through.

They will deliver the tanks to me after the ground firms up.

I am getting all 50 of the tanks next week hopefully.

My neighbor took me over today to pay for the tanks and to pick one up for immediate use on the homestead. My water tanks are currently filled up to overflowing and I needed another tank asap.

I put the tank under the down spout of my tiny house rain gutters so it could fill up a bit. I collected about 20 gallons of water in no time.

I then took about a third of a gallon of bleach and swished it all around inside the tank. I spent a lot of time on this part of the job to ensure that all the bacteria and bad stuff would be killed off since the tank was sitting outside untouched for about 20 years they said.

I dumped the water and bleach out and set up the down spout again to fill the tank with fresh water.

I grabbed my homemade sand and gravel filter and put it on top of the tank over the hole. This will filter out any particles that may come off the roof and keep the water in the tank clean.

My neighbor dropped off an Ariens snow blower this morning when he picked me up. This is a complete machine that will probably work. At the worst I think it will need a carburetor cleaning but I think it is going to run nicely for me. I will probably sell this one after I get the older Ariens snow blower fixed up for myself.

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