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What Is Free Energy & Can It Be Used

What Is Free Energy & Can It Be Used

DIY Electronics

1 year
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What exactly is free energy? This is a controversial topic which causes many to rant and rave in anger on both sides of the argument. Read the full article: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11453

I could never mention such words on my main channel because I mostly deal with off grid living and homesteading on there. People were getting angry with me for even having electronics videos on my main channel although that is how I started out.

Anyway now that I have this channel, I can talk about such topics as "free energy".

I consider solar and wind power to be free energy to me because I do not have to invest any energy into them in order to get power out.

My Bedini motor though I would not actually consider a totally "free energy" machine because I have to put energy in to get energy out. It does give me more power on the output than it requires to run the device.

Both Moray and Tesla dealt with what is considered radiant energy about 100 years ago. Both were able to get energy seemingly from thin air.

But we are learning that air is not empty and there is actually a lot of energy packed into "thin air". Even the vacuum of space is full of energy.

The Earth is constantly bombarded by cosmic rays from all directions.

Isnt it conceivable then that we should be able to tap into that energy and use it?

If we can convert solar energy into electrical energy and we can do the same with wind, then why not radiant energy?

I have shown with meters that my Bedini motor is only using 1 watt of power to run it. I have a 12 volt battery supplying about 100 mA of energy to run the motor.

There is work being done in the motor. There are losses in the coils and wires and in the friction of the motor bearings. There is air resistance as the motor spins as well.

But on the output I can charge many batteries at the same time without increasing the input power and without losing any of the charge on any battery.

The energy is coming from the environment.

This does not defy any laws of physics or mechanics either.


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