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Ryan Lipinski - Doc - Stalking Us At Our New Store

Ryan Lipinski - Doc - Stalking Us At Our New Store

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The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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Ryan Lipinski, aka fixedbydoc on YT, came to our new store to stalk and harass us. Fortunately the police arrived very shortly afterward and had a long talk with Ryan.

Ryan has stalked and harassed my family for years now with insane stories that he makes up in his mind.

He acts like an innocent victim to the police but his own video proves he was not here as a victim. He actually entered private property at one point thinking it was the entrance to my store.

When he came up to my store window recording the inside, he terrified some old ladies who where shopping at the time.

I ran out to see who the crazy homeless looking man was only to find out it was Ryan - here - at my store - 6 - 8 hours away from his home. He has no reason to be here other than to harass my family.

He acted like the victim to the police and told them some story to show he is the victim. But stalkers are not the victim. Stalkers are stalkers no matter what they try to tell the police.

Near the end of his interview with the police he actually admits that he will never stop harassing me.


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