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A Beautiful And Sunny Homestead Day Burning Solar Power & More

A Beautiful And Sunny Homestead Day Burning Solar Power & More

The Do It Yourself World

3 months
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The sun was shining and we were burning solar power running a mining rig, also some spring cleaning and processing fire wood on the homestead.

It was a great day at The Off Grid Project with plenty of solar power to use. I had things charging up inside our off grid tiny house and got a cryptocurrency mining rig running on solar power.

I wanted to set up a linux mining rig but could not get the drivers working right. With the sun shining and solar power being wasted, I wanted to get it running so I swapped out hard drives and put in my Windows drive. The machine was mining cryptocurrency on solar power in minutes.

Outside I did some spring cleaning and got stuff dug out of the snow and ice. I had to use a pick ax to get my wheel barrow out of the ice. It had fallen over during a storm and then frozen in place under deep snow which hardened on us that night.

It took some work but I got it out and was able to use it to haul fire wood. I was not able to get to the wood piles in the yard during the winter due to all the snow and ice. But now it is receding and I can finally work on it again. I hauled and stacked about 15 wheel barrow loads of fire wood.

I sorted the dry wood for immediate use up by the off grid tiny house. I have been working this winter and when we ran out of fire wood we had to get propane for home heating. We started to burn full time two months early last year so we burnt through our reserves two months early. But now I can get to the wood piles again and we are going to fire the wood stove back up for the rest of the season.

I also broke through the ice into the greenhouse. I took the camera with me as I entered for the first time this year. It is good to see that some plants survived the harsh winter due to all the snow that was on top of them. This will mean an early harvest of herbs for us this year.

I plan to get started on cleaning and preparing the greenhouse for the season now. I also hope to get some cold hardy plants in there right away. We have frost until June 1st so we cant plant outside but the greenhouse will give us some good food earlier in the year.

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