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Wiring Up Solar Powered Office And Solar Bedini Motor Pt I

Wiring Up Solar Powered Office And Solar Bedini Motor Pt I

Do It Yourself Electronics

5 months
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I finished wiring up DC solar power to my office and then to my Bedini motor so I can run it 24/7 without the need for swapping batteries.

I had previously run wires from our off grid tiny house solar power distribution box into my office. The wires end in a fuse block in the office so I can tap into it from there.

Now I set up the Bedini motor so that it can take either 12 volts DC from the solar power or from a small battery.

I used a terminal block on the Bedini motor to hold all the wires in place neatly. This alone made the Bedini motor look very good.

I am using more recycled RV parts from the camper I demolished a while ago. I was able to keep a lot of small parts from it which are now useful for this project.

I am using a super capacitor bank to buffer between my 24/12 volt converter and the Bedini motor. The bedini motor can put out some pulses into the wires and I want to protect the converter from any harm. The capacitors will be in parallel with the Bedini motor and inline with the solar power wires. I am using a diode to prevent any back feeding into the converter as an extra precaution.

I went out to my off grid electronics lab and grabbed a knife switch too. This will allow me to easily switch the Bedini motor on or off and switch from solar power to battery power as needed.

This is part one of a two part video.


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