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Weekly Update And Walk Around At The Off Grid Project

Weekly Update And Walk Around At The Off Grid Project

The Do It Yourself World

5 months
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This is our weekly overview of the off grid homestead. Many things have been taking place on the homestead in the past week with a lot of additions to our equipment.

Our greenhouse is looking good with most of the herbs still growing well inside. Even the aquaponics system is looking good but I plan to tear it down for the winter.

We have used about a full cord of fire wood so far this year. That is three face cords in two months. Not too bad I guess.

I got a very nice looking, clean Craftsman riding lawn mower for $20 which needs some fixing. The crankcase was flooded with gas. It was full to the top with nothing but pure gas. Fortunately the engine must not have run so it did not blow out. These engines are known for flooding and blowing out the back of the engine. A quick fix is a simple on/off valve for the gas line.

Either one of the safety switches or the starter solonoid are bad because it wont start with a key though. But I jumped the starter and it turns over so I will get it running.

I also got a nearly brand new push mower which still has all the stickers on it. This is only missing the air filter and grass output cover. It starts and runs on the first pull. I will replace the missing parts and sell it next spring.

I found a Craftsman table saw on the road for free the other day and brought it home. This is a good looking table saw and it seems to be all intact. Even the fence and miter gauge are included. It has wheels on the bottom to make it easier to move around.

I will keep this outside under shelter to allow me to cut dimensional lumber from rough cut boards from the chainsaw lumber mill. I will now be able to cut 2 inch thick boards on the mill and resaw them on the table saw into dimensional lumber as needed. I can run this table saw on free solar power and save energy and fuel.

I bought an LED work light at harbor freight the other day to use by my lumber mill. Now I will be able to safely work after dark on the mill. I was not going to be working on a chainsaw with a 36 inch bar in the dark.

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