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Electronic Rat and Mouse Trapper

Electronic Rat and Mouse Trapper

Life in a Mobile Home

5 months
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I am reviewing this electronic rat and mouse trapper that I purchased off of Amazon. I've set the trap with peanut butter and placed it alongside the wall in back of my house. Not sure if I'm going to catch anything with my cat wandering about, but let's keep our fingers crossed. May move the trap around if I don't catch anything. Please like, subscribe, or comment to see more exciting videos about Life In A Mobile Home.

Disclaimer: For those concerned about the means of dispatching an outdoor mouse or rat, please do not watch. The electronic jolt is humane and quick, reason I chose to use A/C direct current over battery. I personally believe snap traps and poisons are more inhumane in disposing of these outdoor critters. Also, I prefer this electrical method over my cat's "toying" with them until their final breath.


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