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Mega Addition To The Off Grid Homestead A Log Splitter

Mega Addition To The Off Grid Homestead A Log Splitter

The Do It Yourself World

6 months
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We took a road trip today to get a log splitter for our off grid homestead. We heat with fire wood so a log splitter is an important tool for us.

The log splitter I wanted to buy got sold before I could bring it home. I was going to make payments on it while I was using it. So I had to look around for something else but it had to be cheap because I did not have that much cash on hand.

We found a log splitter for a very good price finally and set off to pick it up. But it was 1.5 hours away from us in one direction. It was dark, cold and snowing outside anyway so it was a good day for a drive.

We got to the location where the log splitter was and found that we had the wrong ball on the car. We had to drive very slowly 2 miles down the road to Walmart to get another ball.

On the way there we found that the tires were way too low because the machine was bouncing like a basket ball.

The guy at the repair shop in Walmart was kind enough to lend me his wrench and inflate the tires on the log splitter for us.

Finally we got on the road to our homestead but it took a while. We drove 45 mph on good roads and only 25 on bad roads to prevent the log splitter from bouncing too much.

At home I checked it all out. The guy had said it needed a kill switch because it had no spark. I found out that it was something more serious though and decided to quickly swap engines.

I kept our old 11 hp logs splitter engine from New York. I was able to swap engines in about half an hour and had the machine running.

The old 11 hp engine is electric start too so it makes the job so much easier for me.

This is a very powerful and fast log splitter too. The one in New York was old and slow. It was also very weak and the same engine sputtered all the time.

On this better log splitter the engine runs and purrs like a kitten.

I am so happy today. I was able to split a lot of fire wood in only half an hour and used only 3 pints of gas.

This is going to make our lives on the homestead so much better because we heat our off grid tiny house with fire wood.

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