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The Off Grid Project A Week Of Homestead Updates

The Off Grid Project A Week Of Homestead Updates

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8 months
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Updates from the past week at the off grid homestead. It has been raining a lot but we still try to get things done around here.

I brought home a Craftsman radial arm saw that I worked for. I traded my labor for the saw because I realized this is a tool that can help around the homestead. With a 16 inch wide cut and the ability to raise and lower the arm this can be useful. I already have a project in the works using just this saw.

I lubed everything up and worked all the adjustments and controls to be sure it was all free and moving nicely. The saw runs well for its age too so this will be a nice tool around here.

We have the wood stove burning now due to the temperatures being in the 30s to 50s recently. The draft is very good and the smoke goes up over the house and away. Things are working perfectly well. I just finished cleaning everything up and getting the wood stove ready for the season so it is good to see things working well.

I may cut some of the tree branches at that level though in order to improve air flow around the stove pipe. There is no problem right now but I just want to be sure that nothing can restrict air flow up there.

We are harvesting apples from our own homestead now. We are sorting them out from the ones with flaws and the perfect ones. The flawed ones get processed right away while the perfect ones will be saved for later. We have a lot more yet to harvest so it is going to be good this year for us.

We keep our garden covered every night to extend the growing season of our plants. Each morning we uncover the plants and do it all over again that night. It freezes often here now but the plants are still growing.

I have a new chain on the chainsaw mill. Actually this is the chain I used to cut the rounds which you saw on a previous video. I have not yet cut any longer boards and hope to get working on it soon. But the rain has been coming down all the time now and it is hindering my progress.

I covered the lumber mill for now with a tarp which I hope to string up over the entire mill so I can work in any weather.

Melanie helped me set up a tarp around the wood storage area to keep the winter weather off the lumber. I will put up furring strips to ensure the tarp does not get torn off in the wind.

We got eight 10ft x 22 ft tarps for only $30 one day and they are perfect for use around the homestead.

Inside our off grid tiny house Melanie was cooking in the kitchen. We are eating mostly vegetable based meals with things we grew or bartered for. The cost of our meals is minimal these days.

Melanie is baking an apple crisp pie using all natural ingredients and organic apples from our own homestead. It sure turned out good too.

I got some wheels to fix our garden cart. We bought this about two years ago at TSC on sale from $79 to $49 but it only lasted a year before the tires rotted and blew out. I was going to put tubes in the tires but they just disintegrated on us. We have been using it on flat tires all year because this is all we had.

We got tires on clearance that normally cost between $32 - 40 for only $5 each. These are flat free lifetime tires and they fit perfectly on our garden cart giving it new life.

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