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The Off Grid Project Repairing Power Equipment To Supplement Income

The Off Grid Project Repairing Power Equipment To Supplement Income

The Do It Yourself World

9 months
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I spent the day repairing small engine powered equipment to help supplement our income. Part of being self sufficient is to provide our own income to pay the bills.

I started out on the generator I was working on previously and put in new fuel lines. I got it running again but only briefly. There was a horrible loud noise inside the engine and within only about 10 - 15 seconds it froze up and quit working. I fear it may be the rod. The oil in this engine was very low and thick like sludge when I got it. I had replaced the oil before working on it but I fear the damage was done before, the last time it was used.

I will put it aside for a winter project later on. Maybe one day I will open it up and see what is going on inside.

Next I pulled out a two cycle snow blower to see about getting it running. I first removed the cover and checked the engine over. The gas line had been cut in half. And the engine has no spark. So this one goes on the side for now as well. Engines with no spark generally take more time to repair so I put them aside and work on easier ones first.

The next snow blower was full of oil. The gas tank had thick oil in it and this meant the carb was gummed up as well. I had to remove the gas tank and clean it out first of all. I could not get the carburetor out without removing the engine so I sprayed carb cleaner into the air intake and gas line while pushing the priming bulb and pulling the starter handle.

With a few cycles of this I had the engine running better and had the oil out of the carb. I got lucky on this one because there was no easy way to remove the carb.

I put some gas in the tank and got it running but smoking badly until the oil burnt out of the engine. Eventually it was burning clean and strong.

I will test this out during the next few days to make sure it starts easily hot and cold then I will put it all back together again.

Later I started working on my own wood chipper and mulching machine. This is the one I brought back from New York when we moved to the new homestead. This was frozen up solid and full of water from sitting for many years outside.

In the spring I had taken apart the engine and got the piston freed up and moving well again. Today I worked on the valves a while until I got them moving freely. Some lubricating spray and some manual labor got them moving again. I used a rubber mallet to tap the intake valve back down each time it stuck in the open position. Eventually it was all moving well again.

I started to put this engine back together. The cylinder is not scored and the valve seats look good so I think it will run. I dont think it was used very much but just neglected outside too long. I got everything back together but the carb when I had to call it a night and go in for dinner.

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