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The Off Grid Project Garden Updates And Harvest

The Off Grid Project Garden Updates And Harvest

The Do It Yourself World

9 months
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We have been using our own garden harvest for a while now, making meals using mostly food from our own homestead.

Our last meal was made using corn on the cob along with eggs from our own chickens and some other vegetables that are from our own garden or from trade with neighbors. We often trade excess vegetables from our own garden for something our neighbors have in excess.

We have had so much summer squash this year that we often give it away to family or friends. I want to dry some for long term storage soon. We grew up eating dried cucumbers or zucchini what was salted or sweetened with brown sugar. These were our snacks growing up.

We now have acorn squash and another type of squash as well as pumpkins growing nicely.

Our pepper plants are heavily bearing and we are going to have a lot of bell peppers this year if we can keep the garden from freezing at night. We still have hot days but now we also have freezing nights as well.

Our corn is going to provide us with a nice harvest this year. We are going to dry most of it for later use during the winter in baking and soups.

The beans and peas are finally producing food for us now that the heat of summer and drought are past.

Our tomatoes may not make it though because they are just too late to start. Our friends in town are having the same problems as us with food only just now taking off this late in the season. They also figure the lack of rain and intense heat caused them to suffer.

We have kale with our meals often now. We both love it and have also put a lot of it away for long term storage.

Our greenhouse is the best of all with plants thriving in there. We can more easily control the environment in the greenhouse so things grew very well all season. We hope to keep food growing in the greenhouse all year once it is fully closed in.

Part of being self sufficient is to grow and preserve as much of our own food as possible. Although it was a late start, we are going to have a decent harvest this year.

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