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The Off Grid Project Expanding Orchard And Prepping Fire Wood

The Off Grid Project Expanding Orchard And Prepping Fire Wood

The Do It Yourself World

9 months
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This is part 2 of the day's work. I finished planting the trees and roses and then cut and stacked some fire wood for the winter.

After planting the mulberry trees I then hauled over some partially composted chicken manure and put a ring around the base of each tree. Then I put a heavy layer of mulch on top of that. The manure will slowly break down and sink into the soil. The mulch will retain moisture and reduce the heat of the soil on the trees roots.

I also planted some roses which I brought home. These were from my Grandma and planted at my parents place. I dug up some shoots and put them at the base of our garden. The soil there is great because this was a brush pile many years ago and now it is all broken down.

I put chicken manure and mulch around the base of the roses too.

Ryan says he is coming back Thursday to my home town to stir up trouble for us. I only mention this because he is all over the comments threatening to sue me for harassment. He claims that, while I was gone for 9 days, I was harassing him. First he said I was harassing him for the past week. But when I uploaded the video from the previous friday and saturday he thought it was a recent video. He assumed I had been home on the weekend so he changed his story to say I was harassing him the past three days. But the video was made 8 days before and only just made live while I was away. Everyone knows I was not online during this period.

He also claims to have screen prints and copies of videos I allegedly made blaming him for certain events. But nobody else in the World has seen such videos or comments but for Ryan himself. Not even I have seen such a thing.

We are going to continue life on the homestead as usual and make our daily videos. Let him sue me and press charges for whatever he will. It is not the first time and probably will not be the last.

I cut about half of the logs that were stacked up out back. I burnt though a tank of gas in the chainsaw and then called it a day. I then hauled and stacked about 9 wheelbarrow loads of fire wood out to the front wood pile. This will heat our off grid tiny house this winter.

The larger logs are stacked in a pile out back waiting to be split with a log splitter.

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