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Homestead Life Property Line Disputes And Ignoring Established Markers

Homestead Life Property Line Disputes And Ignoring Established Markers

The Do It Yourself World

7 months
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Life on the homestead can include property line disputes with neighbors and ours is no exception.

For many years there have been well established and accepted property lines in the area. These are metal pipes driven into the ground which mark all the property lines. These pipes can be found all through the 40 acres which used to be one single estate about 100 years ago.

As plots were sold off, they were marked with these pipes. These have been accepted by everyone all along.

But suddenly one family who has an occasional use cabin has paid for a survey. The surveyor has crossed all property lines and is claiming these people own land on other sides of their land.

These new markers bypass and ignore long established markers and also the drawings on the map from the equalization office. The surveyor actually places their land borders across the road and close to the front door of the neighbor across from him.

But unfortunately the township accepts any surveyors marks as law and tells us that we must abide by them unless someone else pays for a new survey which disputes the first one. Also we are not allowed to touch the markers set by this new surveyor no matter what we think or what the drawings show.

This new survey would put the neighbors out into the middle of Town Line Road which would not make sense. It would cut our land into a tiny sliver because we have nowhere else to go if they held to these new lines.

I think that everyone should honor the long time markers that have been accepted for 70 years or more. My one neighbor agrees with me. But two other families are disputing land borders as well.

I have no idea where this is coming from or why all of a sudden but 5 families are involved now and it is sad.

I spent the entire day driving to offices to find out where the legal lines are.

This is how I spent my day and this is why I am telling you. It is part of homesteading anyway. These things happen often and can take up some of your time.

We received a nice package in the mail containing a huge pressure canner. This is a double decker which can hold a lot of cans. We have a smaller canner which we will still use for small batches but this large one is great for processing a lot of food. For self sufficiency, this is awesome.

Thank you very much.

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