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Homestead Life Garden Updates & Planning Solar Freezer Fridge Conversion

Homestead Life Garden Updates & Planning Solar Freezer Fridge Conversion

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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We worked outside most of the day yesterday on the garden, greenhouse and herb beds. Melanie put out some more flowers. We have some posts with hooks for hanging pots that came with the garage and Melanie is hanging plants out by the driveway and the house entrances.

I cleaned out the rest of the cat filth from the greenhouse. During the winter feral cats had used the greenhouse as a litter box. It smelled very bad and killed a lot of the herbs. I finally finished cleaning it all out. I removed 4 gallons of the filth.

Then I planted some more herbs and some strawberries in the greenhouse. I still have some space free to use since some of the herbs were killed though.

Melanie cooks like a chef at a rich restaurant. Our meal looked and tasted just amazing.

We brought in the freezer we had picked up on the holiday weekend to see how things will fit in it. We are going to convert the chest freezer into a fridge for use on off grid solar power. A chest freezer holds the cold in better than an upright. And a freezer is better insulated than a fridge. So a converted freezer is much more efficient than a fridge for off grid living.

Our thermostat is due to arrive Wednesday or Thursday so we are getting ready to move our food and convert the freezer this week.

This should save us a lot of solar energy since the gigantic old fridge we are currently using is too large and power hungry for our needs.

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