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Clearing Up Some Rumors

Clearing Up Some Rumors

The Do It Yourself World

11 months
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There are a lot of rumors floating around the internet right now about me so I would like to clear them up right now.

I have NOT committed any sort of a crime, nor was I planning to.

I have studied the coin sale laws in the various countries around the world and we were taking steps to be fully compliant with them all.

The problem is that there are a LOT of different laws and a lot of gray zones so it was a LOT of work for us in setting this up.

You can go through an official coin sale portal and pay from $20k to 400k for the sale. Or you can set it up and run it all yourself. This includes screening every single buyer manually in order to comply with regulations. That takes a lot of resources.

With all the filth and rumors being spread on the internet about our company, there is no way we can have a successful coin sale. The trolls destroyed our social medial employees through extreme harassment and threats. They all left us.

Which left a few people promoting our business and about 20 hardcore trolls slandering us. We are a bit outnumbered here.

So, its over. No coin sale. We just cannot keep afloat against all that harassment and slander.

DIY Tube Video Community will succeed and will grow. Just slower now.

Now, the rumors. Thats all they are.

Yes, I have been turned into various federal agencies on various charges. Yes I will most likely be under investigation.

But, as usual, I did not commit any crime. No laws were broken (unless you count the trolls turning me in for false crimes).

This has been going on for six years now. I get turned in for false crimes and I come through with no problem. Its nothing new.

This has been going on and will probably continue for years to come until one day the feds tire of being used to harass an innocent family.

DIY Tube Video Community is now a team. I am not alone in this project. Now the trolls have taken on some new people and are causing them harm as well. Now I am not standing alone anymore in my trials. I wont say any more than that.

We do hope to still raise funds to continue development of DIY Tube Video Community. It takes a lot of money to run this site. Any donations or coin buyers would be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be sent to our company paypal info@diytube.video

You can donate in Ethereum: 0x5ED41f370f7eE3BE272FBC7f242fa3db08521eC3

Or you can buy coins directly: https://forkdelta.github.io/#!/trade/0x141797bca73ad90844d88105c8fdd8acb4c75b48-ETH

Every little bit will help continue DIY Tube Video Community.

http://www.diytube.video where everyone gets paid for doing what they enjoy.

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