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Building Ethereum Mining Rig On Veddha Minercase V3 Frame

Building Ethereum Mining Rig On Veddha Minercase V3 Frame

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3 years
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Building an RX580 Ethereum mining rig on a Veddha Minercase V3 frame I got in the mail the other day.

I had this RX580 Ethereum mining rig spread out on our end table after assembling it. I was also working on a GTX 1060 rig on the dining room table.

One of my viewers must have seen the need for a mining rig frame and sent this to me. It is greatly appreciated and the timing is so perfect. We are buried under 16 inches of snow with another 7 inches on the way so I am not out in the wood shop building mining rig frames at this time.

I put the mining rig frame together easy enough. The parts are finely machined and of high quality. I am quite impressed with the quality of this setup.

The kit also includes literally everything you need to assemble your mining rig onto the frame. There are enough bolts and bits of hardware to get the job done. And there are some zip ties, mother board stand offs, HDD mount, power supply mounts and even a power switch for the motherboard.

I got the frame put together and then ripped apart the partly assembled 1060 rig to get its motherboard. I left the RX 580 rig running for now.

After getting the motherboard mounted I worked on the power supply. This also went smoothly.

Next came the graphics card framing and then the graphics cards themselves. Now I shut down the RX 580 Ethereum mining rig and mounted all the graphics cards. I also had two matching cards on another rig. I have 10 RX 580s but of two different styles. Now I swapped them out and got matching cards together.

Soon I had the rig working nicely.

It sure looks good. And the frame is quite solid and stable. I am very pleased with the Veddha Minercase V6 6 bay mining rig frame.

You can find them here: https://amzn.to/2HwgZHU


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