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Weather Patterns Explained ~ Meat Birds Explained

Weather Patterns Explained ~ Meat Birds Explained

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I am getting a lot of comments about the weather here and the condition of my meat birds so here is yet another attempt at clearing things up.

The weather here is going to be different than in town where they have a weather center. When I check my two weather aps on my phone, I will see the weather report for Lewiston about 5 miles away.

But Lewiston has a couple large lakes which stabilize the weather and reduce temperature swings from night and day.

Out here we have sandy soil. The sand does not absorb the heat of the sun as well as the lake does. Therefore we get hotter day temperatures and colder night temperatures.

The other night the weather ap told us Lewiston would get 42 degrees F. I figured it would be colder here but not freezing. I was wrong. It froze here.

The second night it said Lewiston would be 42 again. So I covered my plants to protect them from further damage.

My meat birds are very strong and healthy. They only go into the cage at night to sleep. Only to sleep. Meat birds do not have many feathers. They huddle together to sleep at night for warmth.

Giving the birds a larger area to sleep would most likely cause them to die of exposure. The birds get a lot of free range during the day to eat and scratch.

I move the birds every two days or as needed (2x per day with larger birds).

I repeat, the birds would die of exposure with a larger space at night. They huddle together to warmth.

During the day on the other hand the birds get a lot of space.

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