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Building Chicken Coop While Melanie Sews With Cloth Scraps

Building Chicken Coop While Melanie Sews With Cloth Scraps

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1 year
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I am making good progress on building the large walk in chicken coop while Melanie is sewing pillow cases inside using fabric scraps.

I have been working in the rain so I did not have my camera out most of the day. We had a frost in the night so planting is still out of the question here.

I got the front wall framed in where the chicken coop door is going to be. I used heavier lumber for this part.

I also managed to get the roof framed in. This was tricky but using things I learned from my viewers through the years it went up well enough.

I took the plywood deck from out behind the house and put two pieces up on the roof. This makes it solid and sturdy. I will put up tar paper and roofing when I am finished with the sheathing.

I also framed in one window. I have to get the other side done tomorrow.

I put on some of the siding using rough cut pine lumber I got from the local lumber mill.

This is going to be a very nice chicken coop able to hold a lot of birds.

Inside Melanie is getting better with the sewing machine. She is learning to sew in patterns. She worked all day making pillow cases out of scrap materials. She is even sewing in leaf and flower patterns using the sewing machine.

She has talents that is for sure.

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