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Finished Sealing Greenhouse & Made Raised Beds

Finished Sealing Greenhouse & Made Raised Beds

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1 year
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I finished making the greenhouse double door and then Melanie asked me to make some raised beds for the lettuce, kale and spinach that we want to save from our garden.

The double door is going to work out very well. There is a normal screen door for people to go through. But when I want to bring in larger items I can open the second door which gives me a four foot wide opening into the greenhouse.

I hope to have aquaponics in the greenhouse using 4 foot wide plastic IBC water tanks. These will make the perfect fish tanks, water storage and planting boxes.

I will cut the tanks in half to make grow beds for the aquaponics system.

I finished building the second door and then put sheathing on the outside of it for strength. Then I put in two pieces of lumber to hold the hinges in place.

Next I hung the door and checked out the operation of my new greenhouse double doorway. Both doors open and close nicely.

Since we have a deep freeze coming soon Melanie asked me to build her a raised bed for the greenhouse. We want to save our lettuce and other salad plants from our garden.

I went out to the old barn wood pile and dragged out some pieces of 2x10 lumber. These boards are very close to 2 inches thick by about 9.5 inches wide.

I built a raised bed grow box which is 5 feet long by 30 inches wide and about 9.5 inches deep. I used lumber to make legs which put it 10 inches off the ground.

This puts the raised bed salad box level with the bottom of the window sill in the off grid greenhouse and fits across two of the windows in front.

It really looks good in there now. I lined the new raised bed with plastic left over from making windows earlier and then Melanie and I hauled over some dirt from the nearby forest. We mixed it with leaves for nutrients.

Then Melanie moved the salad plants from our dying garden to the off grid greenhouse raised beds.

When she was finished it really looked good in there. We now have two raised bed partitions full of lettuce, spinach and kale.

We plan to grow as many different types of vegetables in the greenhouse this winter as possible. We will experiment and see what grows and what does not.

After we were done with the raised beds in the greenhouse I next put rolled rubber roofing under the bottom edges of the greenhouse.

I have some long rolls of the roofing material. I unrolled a 12 foot length of it and then cut it in half. This gives me two 18 inch wide pieces of rubber that fits perfectly under the edge of the greenhouse to stop the wind from blowing underneath

This will also help protect the base of the greenhouse I beams from rot and moisture.

I plan to gather up rocks and stones and put them under the bottom of the greenhouse frame. The rocks will be both nice looking and insulating.

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