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Logging Out Forest For Our Off Grid Homestead

Logging Out Forest For Our Off Grid Homestead

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1 year
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Chris and I are still clearing trees to expand our homestead area. We are now feeding grass cuttings to the goats in order to reduce feed costs and improve milk quality and production.

I have a self propelled push mower with a bagger that I repaired a while back. I had received this machine for scrap metal price and with some care and a little money I have a good running mower. The bagger function is useless for normal mowing our here on the homestead because it fills up way too fast. But for feeding the goats, one bag full is the perfect amount for a day's feeding for our two Nubian goats. The chickens love it too.

Chris and I are out in the woods beside the meadow cutting trees in order to expand our living area and to provide a place for the chickens to roam. We will build a protected area for the birds to free range. This will be quite a large area and will eventually surround the entire meadow on all sides.

This will both provide the birds with unlimited food for about 9 months of the year and will reduce the tick population in the meadow. Chickens eat just about anything that moves and they do eat the ticks.

I used the new Husqvarna chainsaw until the chain went dull. Then we discovered that we did not have the right file to sharpen this chain.

I pulled out the old Poulan chain saw for a while but this one is weak and tires me out fast. It is not at all as comfortable to run as the Husqvarna. It vibrates my arms badly.

In between breaks using the saw, Chris and I hauled logs over to the wood pile. We are stacking up the uncured logs by the fire wood shed for later splitting.

I also started to split the larger logs in place because they are quite heavy to haul around and they will cure faster when split anyway.

We got quite a bit of space cleared of trees today. It is very hard work though. Felling trees is fast and fun but cutting them up into fire wood, splitting and stacking it is hard work.

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